Rumpelsilkskin Designs

2009 to 2019

I have retired as of the end of 2019. Some special orders my be possible depending on my schedule. Please email for info.

Rumpelsilkskin Designs thanks these retailers for for carrying my work over the years. (You may still be able to find my work there into 2020.)

Successories in the Button Box in Pacifica, CA

Blakes Books, McKinleyville, CA

Redding Fashion Alliance, Redding, CA

Belle Starr, Eureka, CA

Hopscotch Gifts and Gallery Healdsburg, CA

All Rumpelsilkskin designs are made:

by me in Humboldt County, California

from repurposed items

by thoughtful collection and composition of materials

to flatter the wearer

to give a good value to the owner

Five Reasons I “Reuse”

Reusing (or upcycling) is not only a great strategy for me but also for anyone looking to create new, and exciting products. Here’s what “reusing” can provide:

1. Reusing enhances creativity: In using a “throw-away” I am free to experiment. I don’t have to worry that my materials are too costly, both in terms of dollars and what the planet has to surrender for me to do my work.

2. Reusing brings forth new products: Since I am using non-traditional material I can’t help but come up with something new.

3. Reused materials are often cheap or free: My neckties range from being free to just a few dollars each. I also reuse netting from fruit bags and integrate other found or broken objects.

4. Reusing is sustainable: My number one priority is to be earth friendly. I love that very little of what I make has to be purchased new. It’s great that the items I reuse don’t have to end up in the waste stream.

5. Reuse is an educational tool: When people see my work and recognize the beauty of reuse it helps encourage them to also reuse and make the most of what we already have.

Materials to reuse are all around us. Not everything can be composted or recycled so often there are lids, twist ties, bags, strings and more that get tossed out and end up in landfills. These items are perfect for reusing. Thrift stores, rummage sales and free boxes are great places to find things to reuse. If you are looking for inspiration and a host of interesting materials SCRAP Humboldt in Arcata is THE place to visit.


Artfully created accessories made from repurposed materials.