What's it all about?

Post date: Oct 6, 2010 4:14:06 AM

A huge part of what I want to do with Rumpelsilkskin is share the joy of creating with "trash", things that lie around, take up space and sometimes "nag" to be used or gotten rid of. I believe everyone is creative and that we just need to give ourselves permission to do what ever we want-with no judgment. I bet lots of people have things they plan to do something with someday when they have time. I had a few nice ties sitting in a fabric box for 10 years or more. One day I got them out and cut and sewed them up and look at what happened! I figured they were doing nothing for me in that box so I might as well "take the plunge" and try making something out of them. At first it wasn't great but after a few prototypes, I developed the tie pouch to carry an ipod or cell phone. I bought a few more used ties and then had enough to stitch together. Jackets and vests came next. That was year ago. Now I make everything from children's toys to housewares to skirts to headbands....from ties! My vision is that every man, woman and child should have a Rumpelsilkskin recycled tie object taking the place of an item whose materials might be freshly taken from the earth. If you don't let me make you your sustainable fun stuff I hope I can inspire you to recycle, create and conserve your own awesome stuff. I'll be rounding up some good ideas and posting them here in the near future. Stay tuned! RS