Time Brings Change

Post date: Dec 29, 2010 5:08:24 PM

This last year has seen Rumpelsilkskin evolve and change from making pouches for ipods and cell phones to tie snakes to skirts and tops, and even pillows. I think I've made at least 20 different products all from recycled neckties. My current thinking is to pare it down and simplify. Until the next morph ...RS. will offer wild and/or elegant, planet-friendly headwear for women. Also continued will be the double sash-pocket. So, two basic directions, both women's accessories. I will however, continue making pillows by special order. Actually, any of my designs can be purchased by special order. I am still interested in empowering others to make use of recyclables and will include links to good projects and resources when I redesign the website in the first part of the new year. Speaking of which...Happy New Year to you!